Your Futon Buying Guide For Portland

Innerspring mattresses are best suited for standard futons that do not require the mattress to fold more than once. If you intend on using your futon for sleeping on a regular basis, or if you need a...

The Many Names Of ‘Sofa Beds’

What Is The Right Name For A Sofa Bed? AKA: SofaBeds, Futons, Pull-Out Sofa, Hide-a-Beds,Day Bed, Click Clack.... In the 1980's, they were called hide-a-beds, and though still sometimes referred to...

Sigourney Deluxe Convertible Sofabed

The Sigourney convertible sofabed combines both form and functional features for the sophisticated buyer. Upholstered with a microfiber seating surface, this convertible sofa features

Buying A Sleeper Chair

Most of the people worldwide look for amazing home improvement devices. Sleeper chairs are one of the finest home improvement devices that you can consider purchasing. A large number of firms are...

Click Clack Sofa Bed – Convertible Boston Microfiber Sofa

The clean, straight lines of this modern styled Click Clack convertible sofa bed will add style and comfort to your home.This easily converts to a full size sleeper or lounger via the innovative...

Klik Klak Rainbow Sofa Bed

The Klik Klak Rainbow sofa bed features a microfiber cover and 3-position seating.

Click Clack Sofa Beds – Portland Style

These types of beds are popular because it is easy to store away in the day and to pull down at night. It also comes in different frames - can be made of metal or wood. It can also be a good accent...

Clic Clac – Denver Sofabed

Treat yourself to this Clic Clac Denver Microfiber Sofabed for a comfortable convertible sofa that features the innovative European Clic Clac system to transform from a sofa to a sleeper or a lounger.

Click Clack – Urban Lounge Atlanta Microfiber Sofa Bed

Whether you are tight for space or just want an unique, innovative way to accommodate your overnight guests, you've got to check out our Click Clack sofas at Broadway Furniture in Portland.

Making Your Sofa Bed More Comfortable

Whether they get used every evening or for periodic overnight guests, having a pull-out Sofa Bed tends to be convenient. Making Your Sofa Bed More Comfortable will allow your guest to get a good...

Should You Reupholster Your Sofa Bed?

While you might be able to get a great deal on fabric, the labor costs to reupholster is significant. If you’d like to get a quote from a local vendor, some may give you an estimate based on the...

Should You Get A Single Size Sofa Bed Or A Double Size Sofa

Most of the double sofa beds available in the market provide you with additional storage space, which you can make use of to accommodate your bed sheets, covers and pillow.

Sofa Beds Are A Useful For Rooms Where Space Is Limited

These kinds of day beds make great sofas and also presents the flexibleness of having an extra bed for pals to stay over. Log day beds may also be used on an enclosed terrace or porch.

Finding The Right Place To Put Your Sofa Bed

Of course, what matters most is that where you put the sofa is convenient for you. It should be in a place that is easy to get to, and easy to operate. You do not want to be stumbling around when...

Here’s How To Fix A Sofa Bed That’s Sagging

However, after several years of use, a sofa bed can start to sag, leading to an uncomfortable indentation in the mattress. Fixing this issue is simple with the right tools.

Ashley Durapella Sofa Bed

The Ashley Durapella upholstery collection takes the revolutionary durability of microfiber and creates a rich contemporary styled furniture collection. With uniquely styled set-back arms and richly...

Clic Clac – New York Modern Sofa Bed

The New York Convertible Clic Clac Sofa is flashy, resilient and unique. Simple styling and leather like material will capture your fascination.

How to Buy a Sofa Bed Mattress

What's the sofa bed mattress going to cost me? Go for what you can afford. If your thinking long term or it's your only bed, spend the extra money and get something nice. It's better to be

Buying A Stylish Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are quickly becoming well-loved through todays individual getting houses, houses and condos. As being a title signifies, it may be changed in a comfortable bed effortlessly. Very good has...

Ashley Sofa Bed – Cityscape – Taupe

With deeply finished feet and a sleek contemporary design, this upholstery collection fits flawlessly into any home. Surround yourself with the rich contemporary style of the "Cityscape-Taupe"...

Why Choose A Sofa Bed?

Sofa beds are getting increasingly popular these days; with more brands and models of sofa beds up on the market and it is easy to see why. As the name suggests, sofa beds can be transformed from a...

Saving Money With A Sofa Bed

When it comes to saving cash in today's economy, you need to be a little creative. I'm talking about Saving Money With A Sofa Bed. The benefits of sofa beds are numerous. I'll also talk about

Buying A Daybed For Your Guest Bedroom

The style of daybed that you select can easily determine the overall look of the room, so be sure to spend some time researching before making any

Consider A Corner Sofa Bed

ne big consideration with corner sofa beds is comfort, not just how comfortable is the bed to sleep on but how comfortable is the bed to sit on? The sofa bed mechanism itself is strong and sturdy and...

Using A Sofa Bed In Your Home

In so many homes nowadays, resting places are not limitless. There are, only so many rooms in your home or condo and only so much space in your house to put a bed. You may be contemplating using...

Clic Clac – Madrid Sofabed

This Clic Clac- Madrid futon sofa bed that can be easily assembled in the actual room letting you bring it up narrow stairways and around tight corners.

The Difference Between A Day Bed And A Sofa Bed

The versatility of a daybed comes from the fact that it can be used as either a sofa or a bed. Most daybeds are comprised of a frame that includes two arms and a back, mimicking the structural frame...

Sofa Bed Considerations

Sofa beds are simple to set up and can usually be easily done by only one person. Just remove the cushions, grab a hold of the little center handle thing and lift up and toward you.