About Sofa Beds and Other Types of Sleeper Sofas

Sofa beds or sofa sleepers, as what others may call it, are very useful in your home especially if you don't have enough space to accommodate guests staying over the night or throughout the week. Not...

About Sofa Beds

You can easily transform your sofa bed by first removing the seat cushions. Once the seat cushions are off, you will see a metal bar across the length of the folded bed frame inside the sofa.

What Is Your Sofa Bed Style

When you are thinking about purchasing a sofa bed there are a number of preferences to make with regard to the materials used. The two main ones are leather and fabric.

Should You Reupholster Your Sofa Bed?

While you might be able to get a great deal on fabric, the labor costs to reupholster is significant. If you’d like to get a quote from a local vendor, some may give you an estimate based on the...

The Sofa Bed – A Great Space Saver

AKA the Convertible sofa, as they are also known by, the modern sofa style bed allows you to enjoy the use of a space saving furniture inside your home.

Tips On How to Make a Sofa Bed Mattress More Comfortable

Get a thicker mattress pad. This will help add up to the height of the guest bed to make it feel as if it is a real bed. You should also place the mattress in a private area so your guests can really...

Click Clack Sofa Bed – New York Modern

The New York Convertible Click Clack Sofa Bed by is flashy, resilient and unique. Simple styling and leather like material will capture your fascination.

Why Buy A Sofa Bed?

Sofa beds are also often bought by those living in studio flats that have a shortage of space but still want a stylish and comfortable sofa and bed.

Klik Klak Sofa Bed – The Borealis Armless

Klik Klak Sofa Bed - The Borealis Armless is perfect for your guestroom, apartment or any place where space needs to be maximized without sacrificing style.

Improving Your Pull-out Sofa Bed

Use comfortable bedding. Place a fitted sheet over the mattress cover. Select sheets with a high thread count for maximum comfort and durability. Add a top sheet and a

Sofa Beds That Are Comfortable

Manufacturers also are seeing the demand for sofa beds, and are investing heavily, in creating sofa beds that are comfortable and are stylish to boot.

Click Clack Futons – Madrid Loveseat Convert-a-Couch

Madrid Loveseat Convert-a-Couch Click clack futons and click clack convertibles offer a unique departure from the basic metal futon. These futon sofas allow you to operate your unit from the front...

Sofa Bed Considerations

Sofa beds are simple to set up and can usually be easily done by only one person. Just remove the cushions, grab a hold of the little center handle thing and lift up and toward you.

Ashley Durapella Sofa Bed

The Ashley Durapella upholstery collection takes the revolutionary durability of microfiber and creates a rich contemporary styled furniture collection. With uniquely styled set-back arms and richly...

Click Clack – Urban Lounge Atlanta Microfiber Sofa Bed

Whether you are tight for space or just want an unique, innovative way to accommodate your overnight guests, you've got to check out our Click Clack sofas at Broadway Furniture in Portland.

Choosing Quality Sofabed Furniture

Daybed Toronto is providing consumers great satisfaction when it comes to choosing quality mattresses and furniture. There are a number of establishments that offer showrooms that can meet the needs...

Sofa Beds Are Stylish And Comfortable

When unexpected guests arrive, it is handy to have a single sofa bed to accommodate them. A well-chosen sofa bed is a good investment when someone wants to stay overnight. During the day or when...

The Many Names Of ‘Sofa Beds’

What Is The Right Name For A Sofa Bed? AKA: SofaBeds, Futons, Pull-Out Sofa, Hide-a-Beds,Day Bed, Click Clack.... In the 1980's, they were called hide-a-beds, and though still sometimes referred to...

Reasons Why You Should Own A Sofa Bed

Are you looking for anything to place the finishing touches on the room which you are furnishing? Trying to figure out which kind of furniture in a bedroom can be tough. Individuals often find...

Are You Buying a Sofa Bed?

Ask the salesperson whether the bed can be made up with sheets and a light blanket while the sofa is closed. This can be a great do-ahead convenience factor when you're

Sigourney Deluxe Convertible Sofabed

The Sigourney convertible sofabed combines both form and functional features for the sophisticated buyer. Upholstered with a microfiber seating surface, this convertible sofa features

Consider A Corner Sofa Bed

ne big consideration with corner sofa beds is comfort, not just how comfortable is the bed to sleep on but how comfortable is the bed to sit on? The sofa bed mechanism itself is strong and sturdy and...

Click Clack Sofa Beds

These types of beds are popular because it is easy to store away in the day and to pull down at night. It also comes in different frames - can be made of metal or wood. It can also be a good accent...

Why Choose A Sofa Bed?

Sofa beds are getting increasingly popular these days; with more brands and models of sofa beds up on the market and it is easy to see why. As the name suggests, sofa beds can be transformed from a...

What To Consider Before You Buy a Sleeper Sofa

If space is not an issue then you are in luck as a queen size sleeper sofa is the most widely available kind. A queen size sleeper sofa can comfortably seat as many people as

Click Clack Sofa Bed – Convertible Boston Microfiber Sofa

The clean, straight lines of this modern styled Click Clack convertible sofa bed will add style and comfort to your home.This easily converts to a full size sleeper or lounger via the innovative...