Medical Lift Chairs and Your Medicare Plan

If the insured meets all of the above requirements, they will be able to receive partial reimbursement for a lift chair. In order to receive a lift chair in a timely manner, most people choose to...

Med Lift Medical Lift Chairs – 55 Series

The highlights of this model are the TV Position (legs fully extend before the back starts to recline)and the space-saving wall-away feature, which allows you to place this chair 3-1/2" from the wall...

About Med Lift Medical Chairs

Med-Lift , through our Sleep Ezz division also manufactures the highest quality adjustable beds in the industry with a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds.

You Can Get Help In Paying for a Lift Chair

When looking for a lift chair, it is important to ensure that the model uses an electrical lift system, not a spring lifting system, not only because insurers may not cover a spring lifting chair,...

Tips On Buying a Medical Lift Chair

Most medical lift chairs can carry a weight of 300 to 400 pounds, but there are some specially made chairs for heavier people for up to 700 pounds.

Learn About Medical Lift Chairs – Pt 5

Gas - medical lift chairs are ergonomically designed to suit the workplace. You can adjust the height of the seat based on the height of your desk, ensuring that you don’t strain your back to reach...

Med Lift Medical Lift Chair – FAQ

It is very important that the medical lift chair fits the individual. If the lift chair is too large, then a shorter persons feet will not be on the floor when the chair is in the full lift position...

Med Lift Medical Lift Chairs – 56 Series

This top of the line model offers everything a medical lift chair can offer. The 5600 provides all the features of the 55 series but in a larger version.

Med Lift Medical Lift Chairs – 50 Series

This Med Lift Medical Chair series also comes standard with arm and head covers, magazine pocket and is upholstered with any of our upgrade fabrics or vinyls

3 Errors When Buying Medical Lift Chair

the first mistake to avoid is to not buy the wrong version. Know the different types available and which one will be best for the person using the chair.

The Medical Lift Chair – A Boon For Seniors

Lift chairs have actually been around for almost 30 years now and there are a number of companies than manufacturer medical lift recliners. However, two names, Med Lift Chairs and

Med-Lift Medical Lift Chair – 11 Series

The Med-Lift 11 series is our economy power lift and recline. Comes as a 2 position or 3 position recline and heavy duty DC motor with battery backup standard.

Learn About Medical Lift Chairs – Pt 4

Casual lift chairs are designed like normal recliners. They are the most economical of the lot, yet the style and appearance of the chair is top-notch. Casual chairs are designed with a European...

Med-Lift – Sleep-Ezz Bed

Looking for the best sleep system on the market? Look no further. Med Lift - Sleep-Ezz Bed provides the best sleep available at a fraction of the cost of our competition.

The Low Down On Medical Lift Chairs

Some medical lift chairs can also be used to increase lung capacity by allowing the feet to be elevated the chest while laying flat so that the back fully stretches out. This makes breathing a lot...

Med-Lift Medical Lift Chair – 13 Series

The Med-Lift 13 series is our economy power lift and recline. Available as with 2 or 3 position recline and Low Volt DC motor with battery backup standard. The 13 Series is designed with

Med Lift Chair Models – 11 Series

The Med-Lift 11 series is an economy power lift and recline. Comes as a 2 position (Model 1155) or 3 position recline (Model 1153) and heavy duty DC motor with battery backup standard

Should You Buy Or Rent A Medical Lift Chair?

Medical lift chairs are a great product to have in your home not only because they help with mobility but these days they are made with the user's needs in mind.

Med-Lift – Wall-A-Way Medical Lift Chair

A top of the line, medical lift chair with contemporary styling, superior comfort chaise Lounger with thickly padded arms which open into storage compartments (with cup holders) which are ideal for...

Learn About Medical Lift Chairs – Pt 1

Lift chairs can support weights from 300 – 1000 pounds. The chairs are custom designed for different weight categories and the 374-400 lb category is the most commonly bought. The variety in lift...

An Aging Population Discovers Medical Lift Chairs

If you are a home care giver or have a family member confined to a chair for most of their day, then you know getting in and out of a chair can be a major problem for them. If you are the one doing...

Medical Lift Chairs – A Quick History

Early Medical Lift Chairs, from the eighties, rapidly became well-liked all across the United States and eventually the whole world. Some earlier models utilized springs to lift, but the Medical...

Learn About Medical Lift Chairs – Pt 3

Three position lift chairs have a semi-reclined position, a lifted position and a napping position, in addition to the seated position. Electric recliners are basically designed as three-position...

Med-Lift Medical Lift Chair – 36 Series

This model - the 39 series - Med-Lift Medical Lift Chair is a three-way recline standard bariatric chair with a weight capacity of 600lbs. This chair has a extra heavy duty frame, heavy duty...

Gain Your Independence With A Medical Lift Chair

Talk to your physician today if you feel you would benefit from a lift chair, and if it is also medically necessary for you to complete your daily activities of living. Broadway Furniture wants to...