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Do You Know How to Accessorize Your Living Room

To accessorize your living room, keep vases and flower arrangements low between conversation spaces, utilize old books, trays and antiques to add color and interest on a coffee table and incorporate architectural design elements for contrasting shapes.

Use items around the house to accessorize your living space with tips from a professional interior decorator in this video on home design.

Video on How to Accessorize Your Living Room

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Tips To Accessorize Your Living Room

By Aaron McLain

Your living area does double duty. It invites and entertains guests. It is a place for watching television, reading the morning newspaper on comfortable furniture, or just lounging around after a hard day’s work. This space is the most important room in the house to decorate properly.

Many times people feel overwhelmed when trying to decorate and accessorize this room. To accessorize this area does not have to be a hassle or a burden. With just a few key elements, your space can be beautiful. Try to decorate and accessorize using items like furniture, rugs, greenery, and priceless family photos.

Rugs add a sense of elegance to any area of the home. They add a great accent to any area that is devoid of color. They have the ability to accessorize and tie your living space together. Place a rug under your coffee table, in front of the fireplace, or in the entry way of your living area.

Greenery is a must have in any living space. Whether it’s real or fake, to accessorize with plants brings a room to life and breathes in nature to a stuffy space. Any greenery will do: small Fichus trees or bamboo, silk flowers, or fresh-cut floral arrangements. If using flowers, select blossoms that accent your color theme.

Use family photos to add warmth and a sense of family to accessorize your living area. Our families are dear to us, so surrounding ourselves with their photos can transform any space from drab to fab in an instant. Photo frame collages are an excellent way to cover and accessorize a bare wall. You can also place photos on coffee tables, side tables, and on your fireplace mantle. This will keep your loved ones near and help you have a truly fabulous living room.

To accessorize your living room does not have to be a burden. Using rugs, plants, nice color, and priceless family photos is a great way to add design, style and warmth to the any area.

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How to Accessorize Your Living Room

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