How To Tell If Your Leather Furniture Is Real

How To Tell If Your Leather Furniture Is Real

Leather is created from tanning the skin and hides of smaller animals. The skin is cleaned first and then tanned. Products that appear to be made of leather may have a label on them that states “genuine leather“. This added tag implies that there is also an option of “imitation leather”. What is the difference?

How To Tell If Your Leather Furniture Is Real

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Imitation Leather

Imitation leather can certainly give an appearance very similar to genuine leather. The surface is given a color and shine to mimic the real stuff. The best imitation leather is made using a substance called textile substrate.

When leather, a natural product, is truly “genuine”, it is more durable than fabric and resists wear. Genuine leather that has not had color added to it will show changes in its surface when scratched. Scarring and marks will show over time. This is a good sign.

Different Quality Of Leather Furniture

Leather furniture tends to be made from the hides of larger animals that produce hard wearing leather, like cows or bulls. The quality of the skins will depend on the size of the animal it came from and the conditions the animal lived in. Animals raised in good conditions will produce better hides.

It takes a master craftsman to know the process of creating leather and build good quality leather furniture. This makes it more expensive than other types of furniture. The equalizing factor is that your leather furniture will provide you with many years of use and will only look better over time. Make sure you get what you should when you purchase leather


What kind of leather do I have?

There are three main types of upholstery leather - aniline, semi-aniline and fully-finished. This video explains their differences. Additional questions? Post them on our Facebook wall, and we'll get them answered:!/fibrenew

Sir Fibrenew is back again to explain the different kinds of leather. It is important to know what kind of leather you have because each type reacts differently to spills, stains, scratches, cleaners, etc.

What should I know before buying leather furniture? What kind of leather holds up best? Can you fix scratched, stained or torn leather? This video should help answer some of these questions.

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