The Differences Between Real And Imitation Leather Furniture

The Differences Between Real And Imitation Leather Furniture

Most leather furniture either comes in genuine leather or imitation leather.

Let’s discuss genuine leather first. These products are a common sight in corporate environments. It exudes a degree of elegance and class. There are many different kinds of leather so great care must be taken when choosing which type to use. Be sure to opt for one that is appropriate for the occasion.

Imitation Leather FurnitureReal leather furniture can be very expensive. That’s why there is always the alternative of using imitation leather instead. They look like real leather.

Imitation leather has many advantage over the real thing : But the cost of real leather furniture is more costly compare to imitation leather.

* Genuine leather is thicker than imitation leather.

* Imitation leather is not made from animal’s skin so we will save animal and our natural resource.

* Imitation leather furniture is easy to clean and to dry.

* Furniture is made from imitation lather is looks funky and modern then genuine leather.

* Imitation leather has high level of elasticity, tensile strength and resistance to abrasion, it is considerably more resistant to mechanical influence than are textiles and thus guarantees that a product is extremely durable.

* Imitation leather which has been colored with dyestuffs rather than pigments. Usually topped with a protein, resin, or lacquer protective coating, can also be waxed. It has a soft luxurious feel and is recommended for formal, light soiling areas only.

If you like the look of leather furniture, but are looking for a more affordable option, consider the advantages of adding a luxurious feel to your home with imitation leather.

Just as soft and durable as the real thing, imitation leather retains its shape well, requires less maintenance than genuine leather and is also water and scratch resistant.

Available in a range of eye-catching colors, as well as more traditional designs, Imitation leather is an economical way to create a fashionable look and is easy to replace if you want to update your design scheme.

Leather furniture gives any room a luxurious feel, combining beauty with durability for the ultimate in comfort and style.

With the correct care, the look and feel of leather will improve over time, making the purchase of a suite or single leather item a worthwhile investment

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