What Is The Difference Between Counter Stools And A Bar Stools

What Is Better For Your Needs – Counter Stools or Bar Stools?

The two stools at first glance may seem to be interchangeable but in reality they have different functions, purposes. The counter stool is going to be a bit lower than regular bar stools, it normally will stand around 30-31 inches. This is great for the new gourmet kitchens that have counter space for work stations.

What Is The Difference Between Counter Stools And A Bar Stools

Broadway Furniture Can Help You To Find The Right Size Bar Stool For Your Needs

You will find the counter stool allows for you to sit comfortably and work at the counter while the traditional bar stool would be a bit too high. Many contemporary homes are using counter stools in open kitchens that will be where they will entertain friends and family.

If you are looking for stools that are taller then you need Bar Stools. This is normally the height found in your favorite restaurant bar area. Most rec rooms utilize this type of bar stool where kitchens typically call for the counter stool.

Before buying be sure to remember to measure the place the stool will be used so you won’t need to sit on pillows or even worse sit away from the intended space because the bar stool is too high!

Make sure you  measure the counter top where your bar stools, counter stool, kitchen chair or dining room chair will be used – and be sure to leave adequate clearance, normally you will want to have between 9-12 inches between the top of your leg to the underside of the counter/bar/table.

Typical Heights of Bar Stools And Counter Stools

Dining & kitchen chairs are 18 to 19 inches and are suited for 28 to 30inch high tables.

Counter bar stools for most kitchens need to be between 24-26 inches.

The 30 inch standard bar stools for a 40 to 43 inch bar area will fill the bill.

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Re-covering a Bar Stool

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