What Do Know You About Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic furniture is becoming all the rage in homes of people that like contemporary style. What Do Know You About Shabby Chic Furniture? Well, this is furniture that is very unique, gives the home the feeling of homeliness and the feel of something special. Balancing old and tattered with new, restored and elegant furniture is what shabby chic is all about. What Do Know You About Shabby Chic Furniture

Blending vintage lace and soft rugs with old lace and shimmering silver describes this concept. This combination creates an environment in your home that looks unique and special.

The shabby and chic decorating style started when people started buying  refinished furnishings from the flea markets. Decorators and retailers worldwide have embraced the style and started incorporating it into their styles to create livable, comfortable living spaces.

Shabby chic could be defined as the restoration old furniture and turning it into contemporary. The pieces of furniture are sanded and the repainted. Most often, the colors of this furniture are light & white in color.

Adventurous people will go as far as pink, green and blue in light shades. The furniture should be intricate, plain or minimal, other furniture will not work to get the results that you are looking for.

It will be discovered that it is not necessary to sand each piece of furniture right down. You will only sand a few parts and not all the way to the wood. Once you have completed sanding you can commence with the process of painting the furniture.

You can experiment nicely with the colors. It is unconventional and as mentioned before involves soft pastels. Floral, stripes and checks are usually seen in the homes that embrace this style of home decor.

Be creative with your use of furniture. The idea is to choose selected items of furniture to use for a reason other than its intended use. Refinished wooden boxes could be used as tables to stack books, photographs or flowers or similar displays. A straight-backed whitewashed chair with a round seat could be put in a corner of a room with a shiny vase with fresh flowers on the seat.

Old doors, wrought iron gates or wooden tabletops could form the headboard in your bedroom. Floral fabrics, gingham, blue chintz could be used to decorate the material used for the headboard.

To avoid upholstering the whole sofa in the living room, one can use floral slipcovers. The walls can be covered with paintings of fruit, flowers and landscapes. These should not be new paintings but rather older second hand versions. Use antique frames to hold your family photos.

These photos will look great on an old wooden table that has been painted over. The living room can house second hand wrought iron garden furniture.

Specialist furniture shops are where you will be able to buy shabby chic furniture. They also sell all the extra accessories that go with shabby chic bedroom furniture.

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