How to Fix a Broken Chair – Video


Here’s A How to Fix a Broken Chair – Video

Learn how to reassemble and Fix a Broken Chair, fix broken wooden furniture, with tips and techniques for repairing your old wooden chairs.

Fix A Broken Chair – Storefront Life

If you follow us over on facebook you may have noticed a photo El Granto uploaded the other day of a busted rocking chair that followed him home. This poor chair had a broken arm, a busted

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Repair Your Furniture Instead Of Buying New

By Mark Middleton

How-to-Fix a Broken Chair - How To Fix A Broken Chair - Video


With time, every home will notice that their furnishings are not as attractive as they once were. Holes, rips, and scratches leave perfectly good pieces looking old and worn. Since replacing an entire areas worth of furniture can cost tremendously high prices, many people prefer to repair what they already have. Almost any piece of decor in a home can be brought back to life when given to the right person to fix. Why not save a little money with your upgrade and repair the old to create a new look?

Take in to account your chairs, sofas, and recliners. They are all lined with your chosen color and design of upholstery that is bound to accumulate ware and tear over time. The design of the furniture may not be out of date, but the distressed fabric will become a problem. With a professional’s help you can repair the pieces by replacing the upholstery with the same pattern or choosing a new look for the room. The great thing about this is that you can create an entirely different vibe by simply using your old furniture and new fabric.

Another part of your home’s interior that can be repaired is all the wood products. Dressers, cabinets, chairs, and many other furnishings are commonly crafted from wood. Although this material can last a lifetime, everyday use can leave items looking old and unattractive. Wood is one of the easiest things to reconcile and bring back a rich appearance. Different furnishings can repair your old wood and offer a new style to the room. By finishing with a deep cherry color you won’t even recognize the furniture from before.

Some of your furniture may not even need total repair, but just minor fixing to make it useful again. Chairs often break leaving you with junk and no where to seat your guest. Broken legs and backs can be crafted to fit your exact chairs. There is no need to buy an entirely new set of chairs when only one or two need a few minor repairs to bring the set back together. The same goes for broken couches and recliners. Often arms and other parts of the furniture go out and look lopsided or out of place in your well structured living area. Instead of dropping money on a new couch set you can easily repair the parts that have failed on you. Repairing the old can save you the headache, money, and time of searching for unneeded new furnishings when you are perfectly happy with the old.

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