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I can’t speak to todays quality but I purchased a Flexsteel Sofa and love seat for the living room probably close to 14 years ago. Because it was in the LR it didn’t get the abuse it might have in the FR. But, the cushions held up very well (better than my Ethan Allen stuff). I gave it away when we moved last spring only because it was faded and didn’t really suit the new house. It was still in good shape.

Posted by nan53

Reviews About Flexsteel Quality

Broadway Furniture is An Authorized Dealer Of Flexsteel Furniture

Reviews About Flexsteel Quality

I purchased a Flexsteel leather sofa and upholstered chair and ottoman that were delivered a couple of weeks ago. I love them!! Granted, they haven’t stood the test of time yet, but from everything I can tell, they are well-made and sturdy.

Posted by schnauzerluvr

Reviews About Flexsteel Quality

I’m a dealer for Flexsteel (Just ordered six pieces for stock yesterday) and its strong, well-built, and pretty much everything on it is fully warrantied. Frames, springs, cushions and motion mechanisms all carry limited lifetime warranties. Fabrics and Leathers are never covered under that, however. Its solid, everyday furniture that is comfortable and priced right – and still made in the USA (some carved frames are imported as is the Latitudes Leather Collection).

What Flexsteel is not, however, is what I call the Art of Upholstery. It is by no means finely crafted or built anywhere close to the standards of a Hancock and Moore, but then again its half the price. If you are the type that wants near perfect welt trim alignment, precise fitment in the areas of where fabric meets wood, etc…then Flexsteel is not your brand.

I have fairly high standards in my store, and Flexsteel is my entry level line. Not everyone who comes in my store wants to spend $ 1,500 for a chair, and the Flexsteel meets the demands of the customer who wants a $ 750 chair. I can sell it with confidence knowing I won’t ever get an angry phone call five years later because it collapsed.

As for finding the brand at a discount, might be tough. Flexsteel will not drop ship factory direct, so Internet seller XYZ can’t write an order for it and have a delivery service pick it up at the factory to ship straight to you. All Flexsteel shipments are done on Flexsteel fleet trucks and have to go to the dealers store (there are exceptions, but it takes several people in the Flexsteel chain of command to approve those exceptions).

Domestic Flexsteel offers their leather in two configurations. All leather, and then Leather seating surfaces with matching vinyl on the areas you do not sit in and upon. When shopping the line, be sure to know which you are looking at – as prices between the two vary considerably.

Posted by dcollie

Reviews About Flexsteel Quality

Once upon a time, Flexsteel was one of the best made brands available for the money. They used a proprietary blued spring support system that was probably the most durable of any spring system available. Lately, however, I believe that they must be bringing in some products from China because they do not have the blued spring. The way to tell the difference is to lift up the sofa and look underneath. If there is no dust cover and you can see the blued spring, it is the real thing. If there is a dust cover on the bottom, it is probably a cheap import.

Posted by simplyjeff

Reviews About Flexsteel Quality

Flexsteel “Lattitudes” is made entirely in China

Flexsteel regular line is USA made in various plants around the country. Motion comes out of Georgia and Mississippi.

You cannot choose country of origin for the build.

Flexsteel does not offer sale periods during the year.

Flexsteel does not drop ship, delivers on their own trucks making distance purchases from non-local dealers not cost effective as they must first take the pieces from Flexsteel and then reship. Buy locally.

Flexsteel USA is decent mid-grade quality for the price.

Posted by thecollector

Reviews About Flexsteel Quality

I purchased a Flexsteel all leather recliner from another furniture store in Santa Maria, CA in 1985. I love it and would never want another recliner. I have had to get the mechanism replaced which Flexsteel warranties for a lifetime, I called Donna’s Interiors in Arroyo Grande, since they are the closest furniture store and they asked me to get information off the bottom of the chair and then ordered me a new mechanism. The delivey men picked up my chair and returned it in the same week for a minimal $45 fee. I have since been back to Donna’s Interiors to purchase other Flexsteel pieces and the quality of furniture is still first-rate.

Posted by mikeoleosa

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