A Brief History of Headboards

Here is A Brief History of Headboards.

The finishing touch to any bedroom is the headboard. An upholstered headboard will especially make a great statement any style of bedroom design you may have: traditional, ornate, contemporary, or practical. They also come in also come in all sizes, full, king, twin, and queen are available in most furniture stores.

History Of Headboards

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While the first beds were originally built by the ancient Egyptians, it is thought that headboards came from ancient Greeks and Romans. The Greeks built a raised board at the head of the bed to allow for sitting up, eating, and resting semi-reclined.

In Rome, headboards were seen as a sign of luxury among the wealthy. Later during medieval times, headboards – including upholstered headboards – were made to look even more extravagant for nobility, queens, and royalty to compliment similarly large four-poster beds.

When Europeans and settlers began to move to America, beds would be built locally but the linens and headboard would be shipped from Europe – reflecting not only the wealthy, but heritage, history, and culture of the owner.

Most people employ a wicker headboard to add a tropical touch to their bedroom. In fact, many people who own beach houses incorporate wicker furniture into their interior design. This helps bring the feeling of the beach into the bedroom.

While this may be considered cheating, some people who don’t own a headboard and would rather have something more artistic, less likely to get damaged, and inexpensive in its place opt to purchase headboard wall transfers. A headboard wall transfer is exactly what it sounds like, basically a big sticker designed to look like a headboard that is attached to the wall where your bed headboard would normally be.

Many times, these are used in the rooms of children. Designs can range from those looking like traditional headboards to those that are elaborately printed to represent a castle or other fantastical theme.

Bookcase headboards are usually made of wood and are a practical option for extra storage space in your bedroom and a great alternative to a bedside table. Unless they’re raised higher than most, bookcase headboards are generally not as comfortable as upholstered ones.

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